Infant Loss

Losing a child is devastating.

The emotional after-effects are life changing.

This is true for those of us who have lost a child to SIDS, or have had a miscarriage, or a stillborn child. It is also true for us who have lost a child through abortion.

We all feel the same sadness. We all feel the same helplessness.

We all feel the same despair.

It’s confusing and sad, but sometimes our own family and friends will try and minimize our loss by telling us that ‘we can have another child’, or that ‘we are young’, or that ‘the child was early in development’.

This never really helps.

It’s hard for people to see us in pain. We think that people sometimes say things because they don’t know what else to say. They feel uncomfortable with our sadness, so they try to make it go away.

For those of us who have had an abortion, the confusion is even greater.

Some people tell us that our baby wasn’t really ‘a baby’. But our bodies and minds and emotions know better. Some people tell us that we shouldn’t feel bad after an abortion. But our inside emptiness is still there, we know the truth.

Of course we will feel sad after an abortion.
Of course we will cry and wonder.

The people at our centre understand this sadness. We understand because many of us have lived through the loss of a child. Many of us have had an abortion.

If you, or someone you really love, needs some support we’d love to talk with you.
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Everything is completely confidential and free.

We wish you peace.