Our Take

Who we are  

We are about you.

We believe that women deserve to be given all the information they need. We think it’s sneaky for people to try and hide or distort that information. We think that it’s very wrong for someone to try and manipulate other people. After all, it’s the pregnant woman who will end up having to live with the consequences of her own decisions—and she deserves the chance to check out all the options that she has available, and all the details involved in those options.

We are established.  We know our stuff.

Our centre started in 1985. Since then we’ve seen thousands and thousands of women and have had many tens-of-thousands of phone calls. Apart from the hundreds of people we are seeing regularly, we see, on average, about eight new people a day.

We are hoping you make an appointment .

Because we see a lot of people everyday, it’s important to set up a time that can be dedicated to you and your situation. Whether you are coming in for a pregnancy test, or wanting to talk about your options, an appointment will take about an hour.

It’s a small amount of time that may change your life forever.

We are able to help you anonymously.

We understand just how sensitive things are, and how important it is for you to have privacy while you’re sorting things out. You don’t have to tell anyone that you are coming to our centre, and we would never tell your family or friends without your permission.

We are completely confidential.

Honestly, it’s your life and you’ve got to figure it out. And when you’re ready to tell people you will. But who you tell and when you tell them is your decision, and we respect that.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t think it’s smart to take on huge personal challenges alone—you definitely need people around you who will support you, and people who will challenge you to be the best person you can. Sometimes those people can be family and some times they can’t. Sometimes they are our best friends, and sometimes even our best friends don’t get it. But the who and when is always up to you.

We realize that you might not want someone seeing you go into the centre.

For sure. We thought about that, and so we have a door at the back of the building that you can go through. There are no signs at the back of the building so no one will be able to tell where you are going.

We are trustworthy and will not tell your family or friends.

It isn’t our place to be telling people about you, and about the private problems you are having. We think that you need to spend some time figuring out what you need to do … and you need to do that with people you can trust and with people who have some experience in working through problems like you might have.

We have to say though, sometimes a mom or dad, or a sister and even a brother, can be way more forgiving and understanding than you could imagine. And just like talking to good friends, we think that sometimes it’s very important to connect with your parents about what is going on—but that doesn’t need to happen right away—and in some cases that may never need to happen at all.

Our biggest concern is that you are safe and being loved.

We are free.

How much will it cost?  Nothing.  Ever.

We love doing this work because we love people. Many of us have ‘been there ourselves’ and understand just how hard things can get.

We want you to bring other people who you love to your appointment.

If you want, bring your boyfriend. Definitely bring your best girl friend too. It so wonderful when people are being loved-up by their friends.

We are available by email, text, phone, or in person, whatever and whenever you need.

Most of the time we have a 24-hour volunteer-counsellor phone service and you can talk to a woman any time you want. Sometimes, that service isn’t available and our number will go to an ordinary ‘call service’ and they don’t want to talk. (Don’t get us wrong, they’re nice people, they’re just not trained for that.)

We are connected.

If you live outside of Winnipeg, we can point you in the right direction to get some help. We have a list of over seventy other fabulous centres-like-ours all across Canada and loads in the States. Call us and we’ll find you the closest one.

We are able to provide free pregnancy tests.

Our pregnancy tests are as good or better than the most expensive pregnancy test you can buy anywhere. It seems the better the test the more expensive they get—and ours are the best. And they are free for you. You can come back over and over again, for free, in case you ever get nervous. Just make sure that you avoid those cheap bargain tests.

Now because we aren’t a medical clinic, we always highly recommend that you check with a doctor anyway.