Jürgster’s Dictionary

do.nate  [du nayt]

two words:   ‘do’ and ‘nate’

1.   ‘do’ … verb ‘to do’                      (eg. do something brilliant)
2.  ‘nate’ … noun as in ‘pre-natal’    (eg. gorgeous babies and children)
3.  ‘do.nate’ … verb ‘donate’            (eg. do something brilliant for the kiddos)

....* Early 21st century.  Germanic variation.

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“Churches and other groups opposed to abortion must be prepared to
extend practical help to both the unmarried woman who is pregnant and
the married woman who may be faced with the question of abortion.

Merely to say, ‘You must not have an abortion’—without being ready to
involve ourselves in the problem—is another way of being inhumane.”

What Ever Happened to the Human Race
……FA Schaeffer and CE Koop